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Friday, March 25, 2011

5 cent 1976 die crack/break

Another beautiful die break/ die crack through the 'S'

Monday, March 14, 2011

Bougainvillea Bonsai Tree

This is the most unique bougainvillea bonsai tree. Age of more than 30 years. Is unique because there are two trunks in a tree. The overall shape of this tree is very interesting and unique. I never see any of this kind of shape. How is it formed? Ask this tree? There are bonsai enthusiasts that offers an attractive price, but I still have not decided to sell. Only a few of my friends who have seen this tree and it never compete in any of bonsai competition.

Rm1.00 gold coin 1996 die chip

RM1.00 coin die chip

Friday, March 11, 2011

RM50.00 merdeka logo vs non merdeka logo

Two different sizes of signature. The first one, slightly shorter and the second signature is slightly longer. Looking at the two signatures, the first one in the red box is RM50.00 "merdeka logo" and the second one in blue box is without "merdeka logo".

Replacement note

From the wallet of my eldest son.

Rm1.00 prefix GU8294556 signed by Tan Sri Dato' Jaffar Hussein

There is nothing interesting about this RM1.00. A friend of mine presented it to me 2 weeks ago from his sale of food bought by a boy, since he knows that I love collecting coins and notes. The condition of the note is good, only one fold at the centre. This series of  Tan Sri Dato' Jaffar Hussein was last issued in 1989 before the series of gold coin of RM1.00 issued. 22 years have passed and still circulating. Since then, he never met the boy.

RM1.00 prefix ZE0685631

Looks like Mount Kinabalu is on fire with smoke or maybe someone was cooking for lunch.

RM1.00 prefix YD6736490

Another extra red ink at the logo of Bank Negara Malaysia

RM1.00 prefix ZS2023561

Another extra ink which is common

1020030 and 0300201

I like numbers, but I do not buy magnum, sports toto or whatsoever. The two banknotes above, I got it in circulation. What is interesting about both are the prefix numbers. The first one is ascending and the second prefix is rescinding, but there are other beautiful numbers out there which belong to some of you.

RM1.00 prefix YN0010023

A few months ago, I was cleaning my son's room and found some 'ang pow' packet. Before I throw, I checked whether or not there is money in it and as I guessed, I found this fancy number of RM1.00. Looked more closely, a small error like a dot on the top right of the obverse note. I could only smile and told my son, I will keep it.

RM1.00 prefix YB6179506

Small errors in the banknotes are common. What we see in the picture above is the extra black ink under the signature of Tan Sri Dato' Sri Dr Zeti.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

10 cent 2002-die clashed

Die clashed is formed when one die strike the other die without the planchet between it. The effect of the strike leaves some of the details of the die on the obverse die and  some of the details of the reverse die on the obverse die. Here, we can see the image some of the reverse coin details on the obverse coin.

10 cent 2002- struck through grease filled die

Like most machines, it is like the lubricant that acts as a lubricant to facilitate the journey of an engine to reduce friction. In this case, the grease flow to the surface of the coin die and eventually plugging up the number '20 ',' S 'and' E '. Then, when the coin is struck to the die surface of the blank planchet, the number '20 ',' S 'and' E ' were not fully transferred to the surface of the coin. This type of error is called struck through grease filled die or filled die error.

Struck through grease filled die occurs quite often and common.It is more exciting in interesting place of which changing the meaning of an important motto on the coin. Sometimes, whole words get obliterated because of a filled die.

10 cent 1990 MDD or DD

I would say that all the elements appeared on this coin is doubling damage or 'mdd'.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

5 cent 2008 die cracked

I love to see this die crack. It is through the rim, stigma and petals of the hibiscus flower. Form a beautiful pattern.

Monday, March 7, 2011

20 cent 1979-missing milled edge

missing milled edge
20 cent 1988 with milled edge. Diameter 23.50mm
20 cent 1979 missing milled edge. Diameter 23.50mm

I did read in internet on missing edge lettering of US Presidential Dollar coins but I never found any of Malaysian 50 cent missing edge lettering, but some how rather I found this beautiful missing milled edge. I've gone through all corners of this coin and did not find any human made error. Further more, the diameter is same as the rest of the milled edge. What say you guys..?

10 cent 2009-die clashed

Another beautiful die clashed on the reverse side of the coin. We can see the image of the flower on the top, '0' on the right and part of 0 at the bottom

20 cent 1981-die clashed

Quite often the die clashed happened either on the obverse or reverse. For this particular coin, we can see both die clashed on the same coin. On the obverse, we can view the image of parliament and on the reverse the image of 20.

20 cent 1973 unknown error

This is something I can't explain but it looks like struck through error.

10 cent 1992

 obverse and reverse

I'm not very sure what error to quote for this coin but certainly we can see the image of milled edge at the field of the reverse side. Can someone explain it?

20 cent 1979 extra dot

Extra metal in red box
Closer look on extra metal