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Sunday, July 17, 2011

50 cent 2009 Double

Is quite difficult to understand  "Double Die" error as it has 8 classes and sometimes DD look like MDD, but true MDD is easy to identify. I'm still learning about it.

On 12th July 2011 around 11.00 am, I went to 7-E to buy my cigarette and the cashier gave me the balance of 70 cents ( 20 cent and 50 cent ). After taking my shower and my late dinner, I just checked my coins and surprisingly, this is what I got from my pocket.

50 cent 2009

Further checked, this is "Double Die". The most beautiful DD so far I got. What classes? I'm not very sure, but looking the DD, I quoted as DD class 1. May be the expert may elaborate it. So, all comments are most welcome.

A strong DD on the red arrow

Another strong DD on the stigma. 12 pairs or stigma.Normal stigma as below with 6 pairs

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